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Welcome to the most comprehensive online travel guide for Alaska, Western Canada and Northwest USA

Welcome Aboard The Authentic Sternwheeler Tanana Chief!! Built in Unalaska in 1898, the original Tanana Chief served as a passenger and trade boat. It was the first sternwheeler to navigate the Tanana and Chena Rivers in 1898. Our authentic Sternwheeler Tanana Chief is a replica of the original Tanana Chief. We offer sightseeing and meal cruises on its Sternwheeler Tanana Chief. What is your perfect riverboat adventure? Maybe it is a sightseeing cruise where our captain narrates the cruise with interesting facts including local history and legend. Or, perhaps it is a dinner cruise where you have the opportunity to indulge in our delicious full course buffet while relaxing with a cocktail from our full-service bar. Whatever riverboat adventure you seek, we have the perfect cruise that will exceed your expectations. Sternwheeler Tanana Chief provides a relaxing and affordable way to cruise the Chena River. Our delightful cruises on an authentic paddle wheel boat can be enjoyed by everyone and are suitable for any occasion. Are you an Alaskan resident and want to experience the beauty of your home state? Are you an Alaskan vacationer and planning a trip to Fairbanks or Interior Alaska? A cruise with us is the perfect adventure. Our Sternwheeler Tanana Chief offers a variety of cruises to meet your individual expectations. Please call us today to learn more about this wonderful way to enjoy the beauty and history of Interior Alaska.

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