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Fly Denali, Inc. provides high quality flight-seeing tours of Denali National Park with glacier landings. Founded in 1993 as to support local lodges hauling supplies and guests, the company has grown to 4 planes and 5 pilots in 2016. In 1995 the name Fly Denali was adopted and flight-seeing in and around Denali National Park became the emphasis of the company’s mission. A glacier landing permit was obtained in 2001 and flight-seeing of Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) with glacier landings on the Ruth, Kahlitna, Pika, Eldridge or other glaciers within Park boundaries. Presently, Fly Denali, Inc. is an approved Denali National concessionaire. Founder Jim Trumbull and Jay Wattum are the current owners of the company. Flights depart Healy River Airport and climbs over the Taiga Forest of Denali Park’s East end. After overflying the “Hotel Area” along the Park boundary the plane turns West. It’s now in airspace above the Park and quickly reaches altitudes where the short shrubs and flowers of Alpine Tundra are in view. Perhaps even Dall’s sheep will be seen. As the plane reaches the fault line that creates the Alaska Range and Denali itself the pilot turns over the trench and heads to Denali. Soon the plane is flying above glacial moraines, crevasses and granite spires. After making S-turns so each side of the plane has ample opportunity for photos beyond compare, the plane heads to the glacier landing zone. Once stopped on the glacier clients deplane and it’s time for snowballs, snow angles, photos, fresh mountain air and gawking at world class scenery. The ½ hour ends a bit too soon and clients re-board the plane and enjoy new views of mountains, glaciers, streams and terrain as the plane leaves the “Ice-Age” and flies back to Healy. New for 2016: Fly Denali, Inc. is opening an office at Anchorage’s Lake Hood Airport. The company will offer Denali Glacier Landings from Anchorage.

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