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Established in 1974, Denali Raft Adventures, Inc. is the original raft company on the Nenana River at the entrance of Denali National Park, Alaska. We offer Gore-Tex drysuits for the utmost in comfort, neoprene boots, Coast Guard approved lifejacket, and a guided 18ft or 16ft raft which allows you to experience a sense of adventure and fun for an activity that has inherent risks. In order to provide you a enjoyable raft trip we supply knowledgeable guides, top quality Avon & Sotar rafts, as well as the following gear for your comfort and safety. Gore-Tex drysuits provided the most comfortable rafting experience possible. Our Gore-Tex drysuits come with latex gaskets at the neck, and wrists and latex socks to keep your feet dry. Raft in comfort in and out of the water with full range of movement. Drysuits were developed for people working and/or playing around freezing cold water providing you with a waterproof exterior layer to wear over your own insulating layers. We provide neoprene booties that slip over the latex sock allowing your feet to warm themselves with your own body heat. A Coast Guard approved Type V lifejacket is provided.

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