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Faro Yukon
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At the end of 7 mile access road off Campbell Hwy 4, in the Tintina Valley. Visitor Information: For an information package contact: Town of Faro PO Box 580 Faro, YT Y0B 1K0; Phone: (867) 994-2288 (May-September) (867) 994-2728 (October-April); Email: admin-faro@faroyukon.ca; Website: www.faroyukon.ca
Faro Yukon


Vast and pristine, few places can rival the Faro area for wildlife, wilderness and dramatic terrain. Located in the North Yukon Plateau ecoregion, Faro is ideally situated for wildlife viewing and for a wide variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and canoeing.


The Town of Faro is a full service community, with a hotel, bed & breakfast accommodations, the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre & Tourist Information Centre, cross country ski trails, convenience stores, outdoor adventures businesses, gas station, full service municipal RV park, airport, nursing station, library, recreation centre, urban golf course, multi-use trail network, sheep viewing station, post office, RCMP, liquor store, Territorial agent, bank and the northernmost arboretum.


Faro is situated along the Tintina Trench, which is a huge valley so prominent it is clearly visible in satellite photos. Formed on an unusual geological fault, the Tintina Trench contains much of the mineral wealth that has been the life-blood of the Yukon’s economy for the past hundred years. This valley also acts as a ma­jor wildlife corridor that comes dramatically to life every spring and fall during bird and animal migrations.


One of the most dramatic migrations is that of the sandhill cranes. Over a quarter million of these large birds pass overhead for days on end. The air fills with the sound of their unusual, plaintive cry as flocks glide in spiraling circles, seeking rising thermal air currents. The corridor is also noted for its many migrating tundra swans and peregrine falcons. Be sure not to miss the annual Crane & Sheep Viewing Festival in May.


Visitors to this area can expect to see moose, caribou, black or grizzly bears, wolf, lynx, fox, many bird species and Faro’s own unique species of Stone sheep, the Fannin’s. These sheep number only about 3000 in total and a small, distinctly colored herd of about 100 is found only near the town site of Faro. This herd may be seen from a variety of viewing facilities located within minutes from town. More information on the Fannin’s sheep, together with a map of the sheep viewing stations, is available at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre, which is open to the public from May to September.


Whether you are just passing through to discover the rest of the astonishing Campbell Region or planning to spend some time among the friendly residents of Faro, find out why it is the perfect place to visit on your quest for unforgettable experiences in the Yukon.

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