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Stewart Cassiar Highway BC Stewart Cassiar Highway BC Stewart Cassiar Highway BC Stewart Cassiar Highway BC Stewart Cassiar Highway BC
Stewart Cassiar Hwy

Stretching over 724 kilometers (450 miles) from the Skeena River and Yellowhead Hwy 16 in the south to the Alaska Hwy near Watson Lake, Yukon in the north, this region offers you some of the most intense wilderness lands on the North American continent. Visitor Information: Website: www.stewartcassiarhighway.com
Stewart Cassiar Highway BC


Massive glaciers, raging rivers, crystal clear lakes and streams all vie with the pristine and untouched lands that mark this region. The Stewart-Cassiar Hwy 37 connects the communities in this region. It is considered an excellent alternative route to reach the Yukon and Alaska. This mostly paved highway (less than 15% graveled) is always maintained in top condition for all types of holiday or commercial vehicles and travelers. Hwy 37 is part of a wonderful circle tour route that encompasses Hwy 16, Hwy 97 and the Alaska Hwy.


Another intriguing part of your journey in the Stewart-Cassiar region can be a side trip on Hwy 37A into Stewart, BC and Hyder, Alaska. Nestled around the edges of a long fjord, these communities are co-existent at the toe of the Alaska Panhandle, separated only by an international boundary. It is along this route that you will be able to view some of the most dramatic and colorful glaciers on the continent.


The native tribes that have long called this awe-inspiring region home are the Gitxsan, Nisga'a, Tahltan, and Kaska peoples. Their communities offer you a glimpse into the rich cultural heritages that have formed their way of life. It is well worth a visit to each one to learn about and experience their perspectives for yourself. 


There are a wide variety of campgrounds and facilities along the Stewart-Cassiar with services available for the traveler. At mile 74.8 is the Jade City Store, where you can purchase raw jade, cut jade and see the mine itself. At mile 190, stay at the Bear Paw Ranch Wilderness Resort where they offer 16 suites in the Alpine Hotel or a variety of themed guest cabins. Mile 292 is Bell II Lodge, where you can hike, bike, hunt and fish during the summer and heliski in the winter. The community of Dease Lake is a popular stop over destination along the Stewart-Cassiar Hwy.


This region has a history rich in adventure dating back to before the Cassiar Gold Rush. While gold brought the early large influx of prospectors, today other minerals add support to the economy. Jade is found here in commercial quantities.

Stewart Cassiar Highway BCStewart Cassiar Highway BC
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Stewart Cassiar Highway BC Stewart Cassiar Highway BC Stewart Cassiar Highway BC Stewart Cassiar Highway BC Stewart Cassiar Highway BC
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